Friday, December 26, 2008

What in the hell?!!

I was reading the news yesterday...on Christmas Day...about a man who dressed up in a Santa outfit, went to his in-laws home during a holiday party and shot the place up including children. He set the house on fire, went home and killed himself. How do you get so wrapped in in hatred and angst that you would kill anyone, much less shooting children IN THE FACE? Do people not realize how close to the edge they are? And where are the friends that are supposed to ground these individuals? Family members?!! Why is mental illness so damn prevelant yet so swept under the rug in American society?! I could be the next victim...U could be the next victim! But instead we chose to befriend and than ignore the obvious signs that these people aren't playing with a full deck and really, seriously need some help! And what does that say about us that we would rather be "cool" than confrontational when it could save a life?! smdh...damn shame....

Thursday, December 25, 2008


I love him. Period. I was going through my subscriptions on YouTube the other day and noticed that quite a few people had added him. So I clicked...AND FELL IN LOVE! He is hilarious, brutally honest, very LA (though not from there), God fearing and 100% all times! I have developed a whole new vocab just watching him..."Oh no ma'am!", "Oh lawd have mercy, Kelly Clarkson, Eddie Murphy!" and my all time favorite...the screaming banshee references!!

It is so refreshing to be able to see someone that can vlog about his daily life and still come away with the feeling of being blessed and highly favored. He is right...his steps are ordered and I truly wish him the best! Below are some of my favorite clipse!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ateyaa's Hair Care Regime

I watched this YouTube video about a young lady by the name of Ateyaa and thought I would give it a try. I did adjust her routine a little though. I wash with the Shampoo, followed by the 2 Minute Reconstructor. I than put the Leave In Conditioner, Keratin and Green Tea Restructorizer and an anti-frizz gloss in my hair. I wrap it wet...let it dry and than flat iron. I am currently on week...3 I believe. I LOVE MY HAIR!! can't tell me anything right now! My goal is to have my hair healthy in 09...don't care too much about the length. I'll keep ya updated!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Hotness...That Fiyah!!

Ok so I loooooooove music. Thought I would make a list of the newest, latest, hotness!!

As of December 23, 2008

Anthony Hamilton "The Point of It All"
Excellent CD...classic Hamilton. Very soulful and heartfelt lyrics. He still keeps his music contemporary while leaning heavily on different musical styles. Favorite songs right now are "Diamond In The Rough", "Please Stay" and the first single "Cool". I'm sure he'll get looked all real artists do, but if you enjoy real music...GOTTA GET IT!

Q Tip "The Renaissance"
Loved it from the first time I heard the single "Getting Up". I am a huge fan of Tribe...and this CD though a solo effort from my man is in line with Midnight Marauders...which is what I've been looking for for like...EVA! lol...great CD. Great vibe. He has fantastic duets with Raphael Saadiq, Norah Jones and D'Angelo which are all my top cuts on the CD. Only song I'm really fast forwarding is "Move".

Ludacris "Theater Of The Mind"
I like Luda...he's good music to run around listening to or get hyped while at work. You will never walk away from a Luda album feeling more enlightened, but its good booty shaking music. I like "Do The Right Thing" and "Everybody Hates Chris". Good junk music...if you have an extra $12...I would recommend a purchase:)

We Fight/We Love

Have u ever got so caught up in emotions that u lose sight of things? You're fighting so much with someone that ur points become mute cuz all u do is argue...You get so caught up in the lovely feelings of love that ur vision of who that person really is gets blurry?

Why I Was A Hot Mess Today!

People have emotions and opinions re the election so I apologize for the addition, but a friend asked me to explain why my ass was cryin all day here u go! Now keep in mind I was so geeked about voting that I only slept for like an hour and than worked 12 hrs...anyways...I was a history major because the story of how I came to be has always interested me...middle passage, slavery, civil rights...always fascinated me what my forefathers endured so I could have the life I do now. There is a long term fruition of the struggle. But to actually be able to vote a black man into office as the president...whew...overwhelming. MLK's speech touched on how this was his dream...and its manifesting in my lifetime. I was able today to contribute to it. AMAZING! And when they announced he won...I can't express the pride I felt...and iIcontributed. Its nothing I have to read or study...its my today, right now. Just really truly proud that I am part of a change in the american psyche...that hope and change won tonite. AMAZING!

Cash or Credit...Gotta Get It!

So I was speaking with a male friend at work. He is engaged to this young lady (very, very sweet btw), but he isn't really in love with her...When a few of us started to ask why he was still with her, the first thing he said was "she has good credit". Is that something akin to great personality, treats me well, good head on her shoulders?? Is this a result of the recession?! What did I miss?!!

There's nothing more frightening than ignorance in action!

Are you that Man/Woman? Do you think that you are really the person that you portray yourself to be? Whether it be online, over the phone or live in person. I have always strived to be the best at the time...whether its a high point or low for myself. One thing I see as a consistant pattern though is people fooling themselves into believing that they are "real" i.e. geniune people of integrity and morals, when in reality...they go with flow and chose to live chaotically...daily. Chaos breeds chaos...mess. There is no way in hell that chaotic daily living can live in harmony with integrity, self esteem, love, kindness, trust and God.