Sunday, August 8, 2010

It’s so cold in the D…

I’ve been slipping on my music reviews, but I must say…DETROIT STAND UP!!! Three bangers in the month of July/August. Dwele, Zo! and Slum Village put out some fantastic music that renewed my ears and soul.

So let me start off with Dwele’s Want.World.Women. It’s a little bit different that he’s usually pattern. More up tempo joints on this album, but he still has the lyrical content that defined his last three records. Another plus is the horns…oh the horns!!! Lol…classic stuff. Favorite tune right now has got to be “Dodging Your Phone” with David Banner. Nice mid tempo song with the horns blaring. He has the usual collaboration with Slum Village that’s also nice. He has a soulful vibe that you can ride out to.

Next up is Zo! I found out about him when he released “Just Visiting Too…” as a free EP on Twitter. I liked it, but I must say he outdid himself on SunStorm! Even the songs I wouldn’t normally like, I love. I am a huge fan of melodies and good/great lyrics. He has both. The vocals are all fantastic! Phonte, Yazarah, Sy Smith, Darien Brockington, Eric Roberson…just to name a few…really showed up and showed out on this project. Again, being a huge melody fan “SunStorm” and “ Flight of the Blackbyrd” are my current favorites. Honestly speaking though…the entire album is a winner. He definitely makes me regret not taking more piano lessons. It’s a beautiful album. Only warning…”Make Love 2 Me” may create some babies…be careful!!

Lastly is Slum Village. Oh Slum V….I really hope this is not their last album. This album, like Little Brother, just confirmed to me why they need to keep on keeping on. Where to start with Villa Manifesto?!! “Scheming”…I’m speechless, yet rock out to this song daily. Phife?!! Plug 1?!! SICK!! …if I only I knew just where to start…!! “Earl Flinn” makes me want to find somebody’s club and shake my ass. “Don’t Fight The Feeling” is slightly reminiscent of the De La-Nike Run joint but dope nonetheless. This is a solid album. You will not be fast forwarding any of it (unless u like garbage music…then this isn’t for you). What I got from this album is a renewed love of hip hop….it reminded me that there are still groups and artists out there that really understand putting together solid tracks and lyrics. That the flow matters.

I also got the new Roots joint “How I Got Over”. It’s The Roots though. They always put out classic music. No need to reiterate what everyone already knows.
Real music and hip hop is alive and well. Thank you Detroit!!