Friday, September 5, 2008

Shock and Awe....

I have always been very impressed with Obama. I think he has been very forthcoming with the American public about all areas of his life. He is eloquent when speaking about his politics and views on what he envisions for America. And, lol...he carried himself well.

I was reading his speech again from the DNC today...wondering if the feelings that I have about my future, about the hope of things getting better in my life are the feelings that my parents and grandparents had when hearing Kennedy and King speak. Seeing the likes of Malcolm.

Is it a fair analogy between these men? Is Obama really speaking for civil rights or is the betterment of America at this point inclusive of the civil rights issue? Have some of the fundamental issues that were fought for during the 60's resolve themselves into just American issues rather than racial issues? There have always been issues in American that have made me feel as a Black American that though we've come a ways away...we are still 2nd class citizens. I hope this election does not prove to be a repeat of that.

I wish that I could better articulate how I feel about the upcoming election and what the outcome could mean for me, both as a women, mid 30's and Black. I have never felt this excited about the political process, reading and watching speeches in their entirety. He has motivated me off of YouTube for videos...I watch speeches instead now. I willingly support and defend his policies as I think he truly does speak for me, my community and my family. I feel included in America rather than excluded or on the outskirts.

He is the change I hope I experience in my lifetime.