Monday, November 30, 2009

You're Killin Me Slowly!!!!

Today I had a very interesting chat about Crisis Generators...folks who always have something dramatic (negative) to share. Almost as if they cannot function in life without something bad happening to them. And of course...they need to share the continual stream of bad news with you. So my dilemma as I've gotten older is that I am having a hard time trying to sit and listen. My life is pretty damn good. I love and am loved by lots of folks. There isn't too much that I would change. So I find it hard to want to listen to how bad someone else's life is. I just have nothing to say. And I feel a little put out when someone thinks that to be a friend is to allow them to emotionally "dump" on you. bout you handle that and tell me the story of you overcoming an issue rather than telling me the day to day crap your in?!! I don't know...sounds a little harsh, but that's how I feel. The most ironic part about the CG's is that they tend to be hella sensitive too. So you really can't tell them STFU without that becoming a whole other issue that at some point you'll have to address.

So what can we do about these CG's?? Here are some suggestions I think I'll try in the future:

1. When I get a whiff of the oncoming madness, I'll make sure that I am clearly not a counselor.

2. If there is a pattern of bad shit happening in their life, I will slowly walk away...with one eye open just in case.

3. I will check whatever is in my personality that would even have these folks think I would be remotely interested in dealing with all this.

4. Smile and keep it moving. How can you be mad because your life sucks and mine doesn't?!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saunders Sermons- Classic Delight

I really don't have much to say about this guy...I think the music more than speaks for itself. It's a lovely combination of R&B and your dad's old jazz music. Definitely a breath of fresh air...exactly what I needed when I finally found out about him. If you're into credentials, watch the Roc Boys video by Jay-Z or catch him on Maxwell's new CD. Dude is fiyah....Downloads available at iTunes.